Digital Currency Intrinsic Value Index

Quarterly Report of the Intrinsic Value of All Bona Fide Digital Currencies

Publication Date: First Quarter 2022 Edition – January 1, 2022

Prior Publication Date: Fourth Quarter 2021 Edition – October 1, 2021

This report is published at the beginning of each quarter. All values are listed in $USD (US Dollars).


Launch Date: January 2017

Intrinsic Value: $1795.66 :::: (For reference only ::: Fourth Quarter 2021 – $1235.98)

Premium Value: N/A – substantial additional data is required.

Market Value: N/A – substantial additional data is required.


  • Intrinsic Value. Value based on the strength of a digital currency’s technological innovation and superiority as well as its real world uses and features relative to existing cryptocurrencies, other digital currencies, fiat currencies, and other official legal tender.
  • Premium Value. Value based on reported bona fide digital currency exchange transactions between issuers or holders of bona fide digital currencies and Enterprises, Governments, Institutions, Global Capital Markets, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI), and Family Offices Worldwide.
  • Market Value. Value based on actual bona fide digital currency transactions between the global general public and all providers of products, services and solutions worldwide.