Digital Currency Intrinsic Value Index

Quarterly Report of the Intrinsic Value of All Bona Fide Digital Currencies

Publication Date: First Quarter 2022 Edition – January 1, 2022

Prior Publication Date: Fourth Quarter 2021 Edition – October 1, 2021

Last Update Date: February 8, 2022

This report is published at the beginning of each quarter. All values are listed in $USD (US Dollars).


Launch Date: January 2017

Listing Status: Delisted (as of February 1, 2022)

DCC Recommendation: DO NOT BUY

Current Value: $ 0.10 :::: (For reference only ::: January 31, 2022 – $1795.66)

Intrinsic Value: $1795.66 :::: (For reference only ::: Fourth Quarter 2021 – $1235.98)

Premium Value: N/A – substantial additional data is required.

Market Value: N/A – substantial additional data is required.


  • Intrinsic Value. Value based on the strength of a digital currency’s technological innovation and superiority as well as its real world uses and features relative to existing cryptocurrencies, other digital currencies, fiat currencies, and other official legal tender.
  • Premium Value. Value based on reported bona fide digital currency exchange transactions between issuers or holders of bona fide digital currencies and Enterprises, Governments, Institutions, Global Capital Markets, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI), and Family Offices Worldwide.
  • Market Value. Value based on actual bona fide digital currency transactions between the global general public and all providers of products, services and solutions worldwide.
  • Listing Status. Current bona fide “Digital Currency” status
    • Active. Meets all consortium listing requirements.
    • Suspended. Failure to comply with one or more consortium listing requirements. Subject to reinstatement upon compliance with terms of suspension
    • Delisted. Revocation of “Digital Currency” status due to failure to comply with all fundamental consortium listing requirements. Must apply or reapply for consideration
    • Banned. Permanent ban from getting listed on Digital Currency Intrinsic Value Index; also the company is forever enjoined from membership representation on Digital Currency Consortium and Digital Currency Ethical Board. DO NOT BUY.
  • DCC Recommendation: Digital Currency Consortium recommendation status
    • BUY (Use your own judgment)
    • BAYOR (Buy At Your Own Risk – Potential loss of funds)
    • VRT (Very Risky Transaction – Potential loss of all funds)
    • DO NOT BUY (Avoid at all costs)

Important notices

Digital Currency Consortium is not a registered securities or investment advisor and nothing in this document or on this website shall be construed as such. Contact your financial advisor prior to making any financial decision with respect to any of the foregoing “bona fide” digital currencies listed on this report.