Scope of Agenda

Our global agenda is based on the orthodoxy of The Digital Currency Manifesto and includes business, financial, economic, legal, political,  geopolitical, educational, environmental, governance and just plain old daily life issues from The Digital Currency World standpoint. 

Current and Envisioned Projects


  • In Progress. In the ongoing implementation stage. Any consortium member who meets our eligibility criteria is able to participate.
  • Project Drawing Board Stage. In the thinking and drawing-on-a-napkin phase. We do not have a clue as to when it will be implemented. We have no need to engage in any sort of deceptive hopeware or vaporware.
  • Planning Stage. In the feasibility study phase. Rough-draft planning and deliberation stage, subject to decision to proceed.
  • Final Plan Approval Stage. All preparations for final approval are underway. Final Approval imminent. Ready to proceed to implementation stage upon receiving the go-ahead.
  • Off-The-Radar Stage. These are black box projects that we are not even able to discuss, let alone provide a launch date. When launched and in fully functional and operational mode (not beta stage), some of them will be disclosed. Others, even when launched, may be so sensitive that they will only be disclosed to others strictly on a need-to-know basis – which means that the general public may never become aware of them.