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The founder of Digital Currency Consortium is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management, virtual organization leadership, and virtual organization recruitment disciplines pioneered since 1997.

He is the world’s leading Advocate and Evangelist of “digital currencies” NOT based on blockchain technology and Foremost Analyst of Digital Currency Intrinsic Value. A Digital Currency Purist who eschews the contemptible, sordid, nightmarish, narrow-minded, willfully ignorant, unprincipled, self-sabotage and self-defeating practice of treating digital currencies as cryptocurrencies and listing them on cryptocurrency platforms – a practice which is potentially fraught or laden with severe legal-civil-criminal liability repercussions worldwide. And a prolific author of publications on the need for their strict adoption as a digital currency at the local, national and global level.

A sample of such publications includes: The Digital Currency Manifesto ::: CloudCoin: Is It A Ponzi Scheme? – Part 6 ::: CloudCoin Digital Currency: Why A Currency Exchange With Sovereign Wealth Funds Is A Significant Break For Both ::: CloudCoin: Exclusive Adoption Strategy for the Global General Population ::: Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency ::: Digital Currency Adoption Strategy for Cloud and Crypto Currency Companies ::: CloudCoin: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? – Part 2 ::: CloudCoin: Is It a Ponzi Scheme? – Part 1.

He is also the Lead Architect of a Futuristic City-State Enclave Based On a Civilized World Financial System project currently in progress under the auspices of The New Virtual Organization World Consortium. Such system incorporates a “beyond top secret” revolutionary digital currency NOT based on blockchain technology and which is totally unlike (i.e., bears absolutely no resemblance to) any prior, existing or proposed digital currency or cryptocurrency.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”) ::  Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository :: VOMI Virtual Organization Academy  :: VOMI Executive-In-Residence :: Virtual Organization Leadership ::  Virtual Organization Advisors  ::  Virtual Organization Executives :: Virtual Organization Recruiter ::  The New Virtual Organization World Consortium :: Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium  :: Virtual Residential Community Consortium :: League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, and a number of other virtual organization entities and initiatives.

About Digital Currency ConsortiuM

Digital Currency Consortium consists of a loose, informal and voluntary association of executives and professionals from across the globe :: without any official legal status or recognition from any country in the world :: who seek to advance the cause, concept, and global adoption of digital currencies and related platforms which are NOT based on blockchain technology or any other DLT (distributed ledger technology).

Thus, in fact and principle, the Consortium draws a distinction between cryptocurrencies and digital currencies and restricts its activities solely to the evangelization and implementation of the adoption of digital currencies across the globe as well as the eventual emergence of a digital global reserve currency which can co-exist with all existing cryptocurrencies, all emerging Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and all government fiat currencies and other official legal tender.

Official Global Ambassadors

Our immediate priority includes Official Global Ambassadors (Independent Non-Executive Officers) in every country in the world who are currently Digital Currency Stakeholders and are also ready, willing and able to collaborate with each other in order to help implement the following agenda:

  • Speak with One Voice with respect to the values, principles and digital currency standards espoused by Digital Currency Consortium.
  • Represent the Consortium at events that are officially  sanctioned by Digital Currency Consortium.
  • Instill awareness of current Digital Currencies that are officially recognized by the Consortium and privately held by its Official Global Ambassadors ::: in decision-maker Colleagues at Enterprise Level Organizations, Institutions and Governments across the globe ::: in order to help accelerate the growth and explosion of digital currencies worldwide.
  • Offer your individual expertise on either a pro bono or fee-paid or payment-in-kind basis to budding and promising Digital Currency Organizations or Initiatives which are in good standing.
  • Collaborate with other Official Global Ambassadors with respect to any or all of the following: foundational infrastructure, innovation, legal, financial, transactional, public policy, principled leadership, principled geopolitical leadership and, most importantly, ethical considerations :: as they relate to the development and implementation of strategies and processes, respectively, which align with the foregoing values, principles and digital currency standards espoused by Digital Currency Consortium.
  • Voluntarily donate a percentage of proceeds derived from the exchange of an officially-recognized organization’s digital currency in order to actively support their ongoing Digital Currency Innovation, Research and Development activities and initiatives.
  • Obtain Additional Insights on the role of an Official Global Ambassador.


The publication of Member-In-Principle: The Ultimate Membership Level has now made it possible for just about every single human being anywhere in the world to be able to contribute to the agenda of Digital Currency Consortium without becoming an official member. That includes All Heads of State, Members of the Executive and Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government, Public Policy Executives, Business Executives, Academia Executives, Religious Leaders – of All Faiths and Religions, and every single other member of society.

List of Bona Fide Digital Currencies

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Digital Currency Intrinsic Value Index

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