The Fictional Narrative of a Rules-Based International Order

This “Rules-Based International Order” term is deceptive from the standpoint that it is intended to prey on the very worst instincts of human beings: fear, ignorance, willful ignorance, stupidity, lack of personal initiative to come up with answers to their own questions; a need for masters:::in order to be led, protected and punished by them whenever they (their slaves) go astray; a preference for slavery:::to satisfy their need to be cared for:::to conform to edicts, dictates, orders, rules, mandates, etc. for the greater good:::simply out of fear:::or due to the need for self-preservation; and last but not least, our primitive, barbaric and savage mentality.

Rise of the Evolutionaries

An Evolutionary is an individual who believes in the critical need for human evolution and is willing to embark on The Road to Human Evolution. Such march entails the following: A clear understanding of the role of Principled Leadership, Virtual Organizations, a World of Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human to Intelligent Being, and Building a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings Based On a Civilized World Financial System.

Beneath…Lie Battered Souls

Beneath our meticulous grooming and manicure, flawless appearance, suits, costumes and other attire, degrees, titles, achievements, reputation, followers, so-called fortune and claim to fame lie nothing but a bunch of battered souls.